Jesus Pays Taxes by a Miracle

Matthew 17:24-27

While the group was in Capernaum, collectors of the temple tax came to Simon Peter and asked him if Jesus would paid this tax.  Peter said yes, of course, but it seemed that Peter wasn’t sure about his answer so he went to speak with Jesus about it.  When Peter got into the house where Jesus was, Jesus spoke first, and he asked Simon Peter a question about taxes.  

Jesus said, “What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers?”

Peter answered that taxes are paid by those that are strangers to the kings and Jesus said, “Then are the children free.”  

Jesus, being the Son of God, the highest King, would be justified in not paying this temple tax, but he said to Peter “lest we should offend them” they should get some money to pay it.  Jesus told Peter to go to the sea and cast a hook and catch one fish.  He was to look in the fish’s mouth and there would be enough money there to pay the tax for both Jesus and Peter.

Saint Peter Finding the Tribute Money by Peter Paul Rubens

What do you think?

  • At first, it seems the great miracle in this story is getting tax money from a fish, but when SImon Peter came to Jesus with a problem, did Peter have to explain the problem to Jesus?  
  • Do you think Jesus already knows your problems? 
  • Is that a miracle each of us can have?
  • What kind of help can it be in our lives to know Jesus already knows our problems and is ready to help if we just go to Him?  
  • How do we go to Jesus?
  • And what do you think about getting money from a fish?

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