Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother-in-Law and Others

Matthew 8:14-17

Mark 1:29-34


Next, Jesus went into Peter’s house and saw that the mother of Peter’s wife was ill, lying in bed, sick with a fever.  Jesus took her by the hand, “lifted her up,” and she was made well; the fever was gone.  She got up and the Bible says she “ministered” to them.  We don’t know exactly what that means.  She may have been taught by the Holy Ghost some things that she could share with the people there.  Or she may have simply been grateful for being healed so she did kind things for Jesus and his group, possibly preparing a meal.

Peter’s Mother in Law by James Johnson

That evening, many sick people were brought to Jesus and he healed them.  A verse in the book of Mark states that “all the city was gathered together at the door.”  Matthew wrote about this time, that these healings were a way that Jesus fulfilled prophecies written by Isaiah hundreds of years earlier.  Isaiah had written that the Savior would take away our infirmities and our sicknesses.

What do you think?

  • Why do you think Jesus did so many healings?  How did Jesus feel towards those he healed?
  • How did Isaiah and other prophets understand things about Jesus so long before he was born?
  • Did Isaiah seem to believe that Jesus could do miracles for people in Isaiah’s time?  What about doing miracles for people living today?

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